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CCTV Camera

CCTV camera price in Lahore
CCTV camera price in Pakistan,
CCTV camera installation in Lahore,

An analogue camera is a traditional CCTV camera.It sends video over(coaxial cabal) cable to  DVR.

Analog cctv camera installation in Lahore everyone does it.

Many pepole search direct from google.For example CCTV camera price in Pakistan and cctv camera price in Lahore get in touch with fake company that is not working professional and only raisin many through misery.

cctv camera price in Pakistan olx the original branded product are not sale.

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IP camera price in Lahore.

IP Camera

IP camera price in Lahore,
Dahua IP camera price,
Hikvision IP camera price,
IP camera installation,

IP cameras are all digital cameras that can send signals over(Cat-6) cable to be stored in the NVR.

IP cameras provide overall higher video quality than analogue cameras. They offer more video site ranges, such as a wide or narrow field of view, and better zoom-in capabilities.

IP camera installation in Lahore not everyone can do it.only a professional installer do it.IP camera price in Lahore start from 5200. Dahua IP camera price and hikvision IP camera price are is equal.

786 surveillance solution big surveillance company in Lahore and  big security camera company in Lahore. 786 surveillance solution best and professional cctv camera service provider in Lahore.

Many company in Pakistan CCTV  solution provider but no one compare 786 surveillance solution.

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WiFi camera price in Lahore

Wifi Camera

Dahua Wi-Fi camera, IMOU Wi-Fi camera, hikvision WiFi Camera.

A wireless security camera, the video signal and, with some, the audio signal as well is transmitted over

the internet to a receiver(mobile phone) that connects to your viewing and recording device.

Branded WiFi camera price in Pakistan starts from RS:5500. Non branded WiFi camera price in Pakistan start from RS:3000. WiFi camera price in Pakistan olx  here the fraudsters sell. Branded WiFi 360 camera price in Pakistan not available. wireless CCTV camera not successful in Pakistan. WiFi camera for sale in Pakistan to every  shopkeeper.

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Time Attendance machine

Time Attendance

ZKTeco time attendance.

Time and attendance systems are used to track and monitor when employees start and stop work.

A time and attendance system enable an employer to monitor their employees’ working hours and late arrivals and absenteeism time taken on breaks and early departures.

There many types and brands of time Attendance machine some of which are mentioned below.

fingerprint attendance machine,

zkteco attendance management, zk time attendance, zkteco time attendance terminal, zk biometric time attendance,

zkeco access control, ZK biometric fingerprint reader,

zkteco fingerprint reader,

zk attendance management,

hikvision access controol,

hikvision biometric,

hikvision fingerprint

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door intercom system


Intercom system

wide door phone/bill

Industrial inter come system.

Home video door phone.

intercom system,

home intercom system.

intercom phone.

door intercom, home intercom, wireless intercom system for home, wireless intercom for home, house intercom system, video intercom, house intercom, wifi intercom system, wired intercom system, intercom phone system, intercom system for the office, wired intercom, video intercom system, wifi intercom, intercom app, telephone intercom, telephone intercom system, residential intercom systems, outdoor intercom system,

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Electric-Fence price in Lahore

Electric Fence

The electric fence prevents people from crossing the boundry.An electric fence is a barrier that uses electric shocks to deter  people from crossing a boundary.

Which does not cause the death of person but suffices to cause pain.Electric parameter Fencing.Tongher electric fanc,NAMTEK Electric fencing.price of electric fence in pakistan,electric fencing system price.electric fence price in lahore.electric fence in lahore.
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Who Are We?

cctv camera services

786 Surveillance Solution Pvt Ltd is a trusted and reliable security camera installation company in Lahore Pakistan. We specializing in installing multiple types of security systems for commercial and residential use in Pakistan. We firmly believe in bringing technology into use and using it efficiently to benefit others. Our top-notch products stand out in the market due to their exceptional service to clients. We cater to the government, law enforcement agencies, commercial, and others in need of our professional service. Our tireless efforts in bringing innovation in our products keep us on the top of the list.

What Do We Do?

We are the pioneers of providing safe and reliable solutions to cater to the law and order situation in Pakistan. Our products include CCTV Camera price in Pakistan, IP Cameras, Biometric & RFID, intercom system, Electric franc and Mechanical Security. We are one of the finest CCTV camera business in Pakistan with a huge list of satisfied clients. Are you looking for a security solution? At a reasonable price. Do you need CCTV camera installation in Lahore, IP camera price in Lahore, Wireless camera, Wi-Fi camera, or any others for video surveillance? 786 Surveillance Solution is here to help you with your big or small surveillance needs more read

hikvision camera price

CCTV Camera Company in Lahore

786 surveillance solution is the best CCTV camera company in Lahore Pakistan. The innovative minds in our team allow us to tackle modern-day problems with modern solutions. For a decade, we have been providing exceptional services to our clients that make us worthy of our position in the industry. From wiring the CCTV camera to installing it, we offer our full-fledge services to everyone looking for a viable security solution.

CCTV cameras are the best way to control the crime and grasp the criminals. It provides you with peace of mind and you seem to be protected either you are in the office or home. We provide the best quality CCTV camera at reasonable prices in Pakistan, based in Lahore. Security gadgets like Intercom, Wi-fi Cameras, Time Attendance, Electric Fence, and others are available at www.786securitysol.com. If you buy the CCTV cameras from out of the town, the company will provide secure packaging.

The company provides the complete CCTV installation of the camera including the wiring and basic setup. Being the best CCTV solution provider in Lahore, you won’t regret choosing us. We help to make this world a safer place by providing the technology which is the leading requirement of this world. The security of Pakistan is not much impressive as compared to the other developed countries. We offer the wireless CCTV camera at a reasonable price in Pakistan so people can help themselves take some security measures. Just reach us to buy your security gadget now.

If you want to buy an original and guaranteed Hikviion or Dahua Products in Pakistan, you will find them here as we have the dealership of both international video surveillance companies. Buy and check the Samsung Cctv cameras at an affordable price in Pakistan, CCTV camera price in Pakistan Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Our dealership is 100% guaranteed. chak special home packages

Best CCTV Camera Brands in Pakistan

best security cameras

We Deal in the Following Brands

Dahua cctv camera Price, Dahua IP camera price, Dahua wi-fi wireless camera price, Dahua DVR, Dahua NVR, Dahua video door bill, Hikvision cctv camera price, Hikvision dvr, Hikvision IP camera price, Hikvision NVR, Hikvision video door bill, Zkteco bio matric system, Zktec time attendance machine, Zkteco matel detector, Zkteo Walk Through Gates. downloadsfor pc software for cctv camera dahua

alhua dealer in Lahore

DAHUA Dealer in Lahore, Pakistan

Dahua Technology is an international company that sells video surveillance products and services. 786 Surveillance Solution is an authorized Dahua camera dealer in Lahore. We have 100% original Dahua product and sell & install at wholesale price. Dahua CCTV camera, Dahua hdcvi camera price, and the other product of Dahua video surveillance are available. Find Dahua’s best security cameras, Dahua bullet camera, best wireless security camera, and much more from us.

hikvision dealer in Lahore

HIKVISION Dealer in Lahore, Pakistan

Hikvision is the world’s dominant company and supplies security products and applications for market applications. The company offers various cybersecurity support, such as the Hikvision Cybersecurity Center. We the 786 Surveillance Solution are the only dealer providing the original Hikvision CCTV camera at the genuine price in Pakistan. Find the security camera price in Lahore with home automation Pakistan, smart home Pakistan, smart home system, home control, and other services. Buy the original Hikvision products from 786 Surveillance Solution in Lahore.

What Will You Get From Us?

Whether you are a small business, a large enterprise, or something in-between, a house or a society, www.786securitysol.com brings easy deployment and set up to assist your requirements. Our specialized adjustments and smart home solution enable enjoying the lowest cost of ownership in the market. Quality is always the first priority and we mean it. Find a reasonable CCTV camera price in Lahore with a video surveillance system. Get the best CCTV package with installation in Lahore, Pakistan. No compromise in the quality of the products. red more

Customer Support

Whether it’s a question, suggestion, complaint, or order placement, we’d love to hear it. You can get in touch with us by email, phone, or by filling out our online form. Our team is available 24/7. Contact Us

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We respect our customer’s privacy and believe in acknowledging our customers about the whole CCTV installation process to avoid any mishap in the future.


Our trained and professional staff ensure the highest quality service to our clients. We work according to our customer’s requirements. We have expert professionals and well-mannered technicians who do good and standard work.

Excellent Customer Support

We provide CCTV camera service in Lahore. Our team is available 24/7 to respond to our customer’s queries and address their issues. We’re just one phone call away.

CCTV Camera Prices in Lahore

Pakistan is the country where security is one of the main concerns. We need the smart alarm system, home security products, electric fence system, and other security products for our homes, offices, businesses. If you get it all at an affordable price, you would feel relaxed. Get quality products at affordable prices at 786 Security solution Lahore. Check CCTV camera price in Lahore and correspond it with others to recognize the contrast.


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