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We have all types of security products sell service and install in Pakistan.

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786 Surveillance Solution PVT LTD is a trusted and reliable company for the sale and installation of security products in Pakistan.. We specializing in installing multiple types of security systems for commercial and residential use in Pakistan. We firmly believe in bringing technology into use and using it efficiently to benefit others. Our top-notch products stand out in the market due to their exceptional service to clients.

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We provide Multi types of Commercial & Residential Security Services in Lahore

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cctv camera price in Lahore

We give you very reasonable cctv camera price in Lahore with good quality best cctv camera for home and free installation.

4 CCTV Camera Package Full HD

2 Megapixel


  • 1 XVR 4port 2 megapixel
  • 500GB HDD
  • 200 feet wire
  • Free Installation
  • Live mobile view
  • One year warranty
  • Life time services

4 CCTV Camera Package 4k

5 Megapixel


  • 1 XVR 4port 5 megapixel,
  • 500 GB HDD
  • 300FT Wire
  • Free Installation
  • Live Mobile Review
  • One Year Warranty
  • Life time Service

4 CCTV Camera Package full 4K

8 Megapixel


  • 1 XVR 8port 8 megapixel,
  • 500 GB HDD
  • 300 feet Wire
  • Free Installation
  • Live Mobile Review
  • One Year Warranty
  • Life time Service
1 MP 2 MP 4 MP 5 MP 8 MP IP Camera

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CCTV camera price  Lahore

786 surveillance solution offers a wide range of options when it comes to CCTV camera prices Lahore. Whether you are looking for a basic surveillance system or a more advanced setup with additional features, there are plenty of choices available to suit your budget.

By comparing CCTV camera prices in Lahore from different suppliers and retailers in Lahore, you can find the best deals on CCTV cameras without compromising on quality. It’s important to consider factors such as camera resolution, night vision capabilities, storage capacity, and durability when making your purchase decision.

CCTV camera price in Pakistan

The CCTV camera price in Pakistan can vary depending on several factors such as the brand, features, resolution, and installation requirements. It is important to consider these factors when determining the right CCTV camera for your needs.

In Pakistan, you can find both local and international brands offering CCTV camera price in Pakistan at different points. Local brands often provide more affordable options without compromising on quality. On the other hand, international brands may offer advanced features and higher resolution cameras at a relatively higher price.

To get an idea of the current market Night Vision CCTV Camera price in Pakistan, it is recommended to research online or visit local electronics stores that specialize in security systems. Comparing prices from different sellers will help you make an informed decision based on your budget and specific requirements.

Remember that while price is an important factor to consider, it should not be the sole determining factor when choosing a Long range CCTV Camera price in Pakistan. It is crucial to prioritize quality, reliability, and functionality to ensure optimal security surveillance for your premises.

Best CCTV Camera price in Pakistan

By comparing prices from different suppliers and retailers Best CCTV Camera price in Pakistan, you can find the best deals on security cameras without compromising on quality. It’s important to consider factors such as camera resolution, night vision capabilities, storage capacity, and durability when making your purchase decision.

A Comprehensive Guide to Security Camera Prices in Pakistan: Factors to Consider and Best Options

Introduction: Understanding the Importance of Security Cameras and Factors Affecting their Prices

security camera, surveillance camera, CCTV camera, home security camera

Factors that Influence the Price of Security Cameras in Pakistan

security camera price factors, quality, resolution, brand reputation, features, installation cost

Budget-Friendly Options: Affordable Security Camera Recommendations in Pakistan

cheap security cameras in Pakistan, budget-friendly CCTV cameras, affordable surveillance systems

Premium Choices: High-End Security Cameras with Advanced Features

top-tier security cameras in Pakistan, high-end surveillance systems, advanced CCTV cameras

Selecting the Right Type of Security Camera for Your Needs and Budget

wireless security cameras vs wired security cameras, indoor vs outdoor cameras, PTZ vs fixed lens cameras

Tips for Finding the Best Deals on Security Cameras in Pakistan

discounts on security cameras in Pakistan, sales and promotions on surveillance systems

Conclusion: Investing in a Reliable and Affordable Security Camera System for Peace of Mind

Please note that prices may vary depending on current market conditions. It is recommended to research specific models and brands for accurate pricing information.


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06:50 08 Sep 23
They are not cost effective. They have limited knowledge about the emerging technolgoeis. They are into convervative work.
Danish AslamDanish Aslam
04:12 22 Aug 23
09:56 21 Aug 23
Good Services And Good Behavior
Maqsood AhmadMaqsood Ahmad
06:54 21 Aug 23
Hamza Ijaz MalikHamza Ijaz Malik
13:50 19 Aug 23
Very nice
Muhammad shoaibMuhammad shoaib
13:47 19 Aug 23
Very nice
12:40 19 Aug 23
Papa JaanPapa Jaan
12:36 19 Aug 23
Reeda bint e zahidReeda bint e zahid
12:34 19 Aug 23
Zubair Ali AwanZubair Ali Awan
05:47 19 Aug 23
Bilal SahilBilal Sahil
06:29 21 Jul 23
I install electric fence for home security have good product and good service.
Rana Shoaib HaiderRana Shoaib Haider
14:59 12 Jun 23
Q EventsQ Events
07:58 08 May 23
best quality product i install complete solution cctv camera, electric fencing, video door phone, networking, good service and cooperation staff. recommend this company
A2z Events SolutionsA2z Events Solutions
07:45 08 May 23
good service i fully recommended , cctv camera , electric fence , bio matric system , video door phone.
usama abidusama abid
07:08 08 May 23
I installed electric fence for home on this company , good service and best product quality. I fully recommended.
Jawad SaeedJawad Saeed
07:02 08 May 23
I search on google electric fence for home security contact on 786 surveillance solution, I installed fence fore one canal house good service . I fully recommended this company.
Mubashar HijaziMubashar Hijazi
16:02 04 Jan 23
Products quality 100% ????Good service specially after sell
Irfan ChIrfan Ch
10:02 30 Nov 22
Effectively back up provided by Management, Nice / satisfied service, Reasonable Rate.Good experience.I have lodged a complaint about an issue regarding live view thru mobile app, management have taken impressive action, visit the site and resolve the issue immediately. Recommended services.
Muhammad NaveedMuhammad Naveed
11:56 27 Aug 22
Good experience with this company.Good services after sales & services.I appreciate this company for your home & office security.
Imran YousafImran Yousaf
09:21 25 Aug 22
Good experience with this companyGood servicesReasonable chargesI appreciate for cctv system.
mirza baigmirza baig
16:55 08 Aug 22
very good service im impressed
Imran NaqviImran Naqvi
10:13 12 May 22
Bella DonaBella Dona
07:22 12 May 22
Professional, courteous and reliable. They delivered everything as specified. I don’t often recommend but in this instance it is entirely deserved. Many thanks to the team, both front and back of house.
Sk BhattiSk Bhatti
14:11 11 May 22
Good service and affordable CCTV price in Pakistan
17:09 12 Mar 22
Very bad experience. They charge 2000 rupees for site visit which is absolutely unjustified and their rates are easily 20 to 30 thousand rupees more than the rest . I hope they improve their services become more customer friendly and give market competitive prices
Rimsha abidRimsha abid
03:32 19 Feb 22
This is the best CCTV camera that I ever used. It helps me to monitor moments of my kids and family when I am not at home.
Zeeshan AliZeeshan Ali
05:20 12 Feb 22
Hd result and in latest design . overall it's very productive..
Amina AkbarAmina Akbar
04:23 05 Feb 22
This amazing place and more valuable great satisfaction and blievable
Itlal CheemaItlal Cheema
13:51 04 Feb 22
This is the best CCTV camera in Pakistan for monitoring staff performance. It's good quality camera.
Ali hassan M. MustaqAli hassan M. Mustaq
14:13 07 Oct 21
Best seurty company in Lahore. good quality service I fully recommend.
Hamza DogarHamza Dogar
14:03 07 Oct 21
Best CCTV cameras home security. Best CCTV cameras company in Lahore. I fully recommend.
Hammad DogarHammad Dogar
13:49 07 Oct 21
Best CCTV camera price in Lahore Pakistan. Good CCTV camera installation team. I fully racomanded this company.
Muhammad UsmanMuhammad Usman
10:16 06 Oct 21
Best security cameras Price in Pakistani. good quality service and best products. I fully recommended this company.
Sheikh ZahidSheikh Zahid
16:58 17 Sep 21
So pleased to use and spend money on this cctv camera. I am fully satisfied.?
uzair ahmeduzair ahmed
15:17 15 Sep 21
Their cctv cameras are realistic and much helpful i would buy them for 2x the price just a great thing lovit it peace bro.
Kamran AhmedKamran Ahmed
14:09 13 Sep 21
This is the best CCTV camera that I ever used in Pakistan. It helps me to monitor moments of my kids and family when I am not at home.
Iffat BilalIffat Bilal
08:04 13 Sep 21
This is the best CCTV camera in Pakistan for monitoring staff performance. It's good quality camera. I like it.
Nimra FatimaNimra Fatima
07:09 13 Sep 21
This cctv is so beneficial. I used it in my office and it's quality is very best. I recommend cctv camera of 786 surveillance solution for official purposes.
I am fully recommended this company to good service and profeshinal team
Pas ResPas Res
07:40 30 May 21
I have used four cameras from them to work clean and tidy in their very good and professional team.
Sheikh JavedSheikh Javed
07:07 10 Apr 21
I have installed 32 IP cameras in my Plant. The company that has a very good result needs a very good job. Clean and tidy work has been done and their representative reaches us on a phone call.They have used all the equipment of good quality and they have a professional team and the dealing of Imtiaz Sahib is very good.
Subhan AliSubhan Ali
09:10 09 Apr 21
I have installed four cameras with 786 solutions. Which has a very good result. I fully recomanded.
Ayesha MushtakAyesha Mushtak
06:49 09 Apr 21
My experience with 786 Sol has been great. The process was fairly easy. We just chose the CCTV package right for us and went with that one. The workers are amazing, they did an amazing job installing the equipment and letting us get familiar with the system. The products have been working perfectly since installation and are giving us no problems whatsoever. Their quality is just as promised and is worth every penny. I highly recommend this home surveillance solution. They offer all kinds of packages for every home. You can find the one right for you.
Jasim NaeemJasim Naeem
14:23 31 Mar 21
I just start using Dahua IP Camera and I would like to share my experience with this technology. First of all, it contains high quality result. Actually the company of this technology which is 786 surveillance solution is the best company in entire city as well as country Pakistan.
Rida ZahidRida Zahid
14:20 31 Mar 21
I always wanted to have best quality CCTV for my office through which I can see my employees working even in my absence. So one of my friends suggested me to install Dahua IP Camera from 786 Surveillance solution in my office for this purpose and I did it and feel amazed as well as secure to use it.
Mubeen MughalMubeen Mughal
18:41 02 Feb 21
I was looking for office security camera from various online and real-time marketplaces but was a bit confused because of variety available in terms of brands, product quality n features and prices... so in order to get my hands on the best product I consulted orbit security sols n they made sure to provide best option in terms of quality n cctv camera price... I will surely recommend them to others... moreover staff members were extremely cooperative making them best available option in the market
seenoo Mughalseenoo Mughal
17:05 02 Feb 21
i was looking for best cctv package in lahore pakistan, orbit security sols offered dahua cctv camera at best price in town for my home security solution, i need cctv camera just to keep an eye and now i am satisfied with orbit security sols service for my home security, 100% recommended
Tehseen MehmoodTehseen Mehmood
14:00 02 Feb 21
Very good IP camera installation team in pakistan.I have installed four IP cameras in my home which are running very well. Their installation team is very good and the price is very reasonable.
Muktar AhamedMuktar Ahamed
17:40 07 Dec 20
Good service for cctv camer intallation in lahore.
Imtiaz hashmiImtiaz hashmi
14:34 03 Dec 20
Today we had our camera system set up for our house at bohria town and the process was so seamless. Andy did amazing taking his time and explaining how to use the system.Thaks for 786 survillance solution.(cctv camera price in pakistan)

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We are the pioneers of providing safe and reliable solutions to cater to the law and order situation in Pakistan. Our products include CCTV Camera price in Pakistan,

IP Cameras, Biometric & RFID, intercom system, Electric franc and Mechanical Security. We are one of the finest CCTV camera business in Pakistan with a huge list of satisfied clients. Are you looking for a security solution? At a reasonable price. Do you need CCTV camera installation in Lahore, IP camera price in Lahore, Wireless camera, Wi-Fi camera, or any others for video surveillance? 786 Surveillance Solution is here to help you with your big or small surveillance needs more read
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