4 Camera Package – 4 Megapixel



4 cameras 4 megapixel,
1 XVR 4port 4 megapixel,
4 Pen BNC ,
4 pen DC,
power supply 12/5,
( Free installation in Lahore and free Delivery all Pakistan in 24 hours ,)


4 Megapixel CCTV Cameras Price in Pakistan

4 megapixel CCTV cameras are the best CCTV cameras for you if you want your CCTV footage to have a good resolution. The cameras in this package are capable of providing a setup resolution of 2650 x 1440 pixels,. These 4 megapixel CCTV cameras have a live mobile view and come with a clear night vision feature as well. As your CCTV solution providers, we believe that this is perfect and exactly what all home video surveillance systems need so you can protect your house at night time, too. Here at 786 Surveillance Solution, we have the best CCTV camera price in Pakistan.
This package include 4 x 4 megapixel cameras,
Along with these Dahua CCTV Cameras is 1 XVR which has 4 ports and a 1TB HDD. The more storage you have, the less you have to worry about running out of space for your footage.
These cameras are installed with a 300 ft. long copper wire.
This package has a 4 Pin BNC, 4 pin DC, and a power supply of 12v 5a which makes it the best CCTV solution.

We, here at 786 Surveillance Solution, care about our customers and want you to have a great experience with us. Therefore, we provide free delivery all over Pakistan in 24 hours and  CCTV camera installations Lahore only will be free of cost.
This package has an 18 Month warranty. We provide a full year of service free of cost for you. We ensure you that our products are 100% an original branded products.

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